Consulting Services

We offer Strategic Planning One On One workshop with our Lead Consultant and Strategic Planner for Business. 

Who We Help?

We operate in a rapidly evolving and dynamic marketplace regardless of industry vertical.

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Here is where We go deeper and help you one on one with our Consulting Services, customized to you and your business needs.

Where are You Going?

Business Development

Our job is to discover this “Where”and create  your action plan to capitalize on the company quality and get you there. We share these action plans across your team so everyone is rallying behind a common objective.


  • Define new goals and key metrics.
  • Outline critical success factors.
  • Create action plans.
  • Develop business plan to achieve company objectives.

How Are you Going to Get there?

Sales & Marketing 

Companies, even the leaders in their industry, are increasingly disrupted by upstarts. Companies will succeed and stay the course when they are clear on their strengths, their competitive positioning and when they have a plan for future growth.


  • Solidify your unique value proposition.
  • Review your brand promise and market perception.
  • Assess and re-align your sales channel distribution.
  • Review your competition.
  • Evaluate your social network usage and effectiveness.
  • Recommend digital marketing practices.

Who is Onboard?

Human Capital

At Persistants Executive Assistants we will provide you with support and expertise to improve the effectiveness of your management team and sales organization.

Our contribution to managing change and development covers a large spectrum of human competencies and expertise acquired during more than 25 years of hands-on management in large corporations and start-ups.


  • Implement executive coaching and leadership development.
  • Coach and mentor your sales team.
  • Recommend performance improvement processes.
  • Conduct a personnel profiling/review.
  • Review compensation and recommend modifications.
  • Enhance intra-team communications.

THE ANSWER IS YOU. And when you’re willing, take action, and invest in your business and vision, your wealth becomes a reality.

~Maria Andros