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Five Essential Tips to Launch Your Pinterest Marketing strategy

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Everyone is Using Pinterest Marketing these days to promote their Business online, it’s not just for crafters and ladies. Today You will learn what Five essential Pinterest Marketing Tips to launch your Pinterest Marketing Strategy is.

Also, Did you know that Pinterest is a Search engine, not a Social media platform? O.K., well now you can say you know and you heard it here first.

Here are Five Essential tips to launch your Pinterest Marketing strategy. 

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Five essential Pinterest Marketing Tips are:

1. Use an eye-catching, vertical image on your Pinterest Pin

Pinterest is all about visuals. Use high-quality images that will stand out in people’s feeds. Since Pins are organized in columns, vertical images look and perform best. We recommend using a 2:3 vertical aspect ratio. There’s no right size for Pins, but keep in mind that longer Pins might truncate.

2. Demonstrate your Pinterest Pin with a “How to use” your product or service tutorials

People use Pins to make decisions for their lives. So, your images should help people understand why your product or idea is right for them. Pick images that show context and bring your topic to life. Clearly show how someone might use your product, try your project, etc.

3. Have a Focal Point on Your Pinterest Pin 

Choose images that put your product or service front and center, Make your product or service the focal point. Avoid abstract images or lifestyle imagery that isn’t specific to your brand.

4. It is Essential to Use your Brand Colors & add your Logo to Your Pin 

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Put your logo on every Pin, but keep it tasteful. We recommend keeping your logo out of the lower right corner, since it gets covered up by product icons when people see the Pin in their feeds, Have it in a more transparent font and be sure to use your Brand Colors to make it easier to be recognized.

5. Add text overlay to convey your Pinterest Pins’ main message

Text overlay makes your Pins stand out, adds context and helps you tell a better story. Remember that most people use Pinterest on mobile devices, so keep your text simple and concise.

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If you need some help with Setting Up & Management of your Pinterest account, I’d be happy to Help!

You can contact me here and inquire about my Pinterest Services. That’s it. All you have to do now is print off this handy  5 Essential Pinterest Marketing tips checklist and make sure your pins are pinned on Pinterest with them in mind.

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