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My 7 Quick Tips to stop Feeling Overwhelmed in your Business

Are You Just starting out in your small business but are feeling completely overwhelmed in Your Business with information overload?

We’ve all been there, Rushing to be seen on Facebook, Linked In and don’t forget Twitter, Instagram and all of the Social Media Platforms. You must be exhausted posting and trying to schedule and be seen here and there, and everywhere.

Here are My 7 Quick Tips to stop Feeling Overwhelmed in your Business

Tip #1 You Don’t Need to Be the Guru of everything in your business, hire one!

This goes without saying however as business owners, we like the team of one approach and I can get it done better if I do it my self, however at what cost?

Sometimes it just makes sense to hire the professional to handle what you are not the guru of in your business.

Tip #2 Stop chasing Freebies and focus on your end goal for your business.

Invest in your Business and stop chasing the freebies, use good tools to implement some automation systems. Let a skilled specialist help you launch your business forward to success, quicker than if you do it all by yourself.

Check out Our Favorite Tools that we recommend and use daily  at Persistants Executive Assistants that Help Automate our processes. 

Tip#3 Take a break and give your self a pat on the back.

Once you realize and understand that You don’t have to know everything.  Success is easy. If you need a Social Media marketing strategy, book a call today.

Tip #4 Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

That is what outsourcing your todo list to a social media manager like us and our Persistants Executive Assistants team of specialists can help you with.

You are an Entrepreneur, and can do everything, however, is Social Media Management something you want to be doing or should be doing?

If you are bent on getting this done yourself, my Best Advice is to focus on one platform that you feel comfortable with and promote your Business on that.  Concentrate on growing a following on your favorite platform, leading them to become your biggest fan and then your favorite frequent customer in your business.

Tip # 5 Focus on what Makes you Money

You Need to Focus on Your Business and those Revenue Generating activities. Those things that only You Should be doing.

If you are the Business manager, then you should manage your business.

If you are the sales leader, then go and lead the sales team or get making the sales.

Tip #6 Every Business needs a Blog

If you are good at writing, then get writing your blog content, share your business stories, or heck you can even sell your blog writing services. 
Blog writing helps businesses with their SEO per month. 
Google will find your business with updates from your updated fresh content, Google really likes that.

If you are not the social media manager or can’t stand the Administrative parts of your Business then delegate to the specialists like Persistants.

Tip# 7 Delegate the Admin or Social Media Tasks 

Stop the Overwhelm in your Business by Delegating the Admin or Social media tasks that your not the best at. You can check out our services here

Delegate to my Virtual Assistant

Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

Whatever you decide to do, I am happy to help you with a Strategy for your Social Media marketing, or I can get it done for you.

Have a look at our Administrative Services  & Social Media Set Up services, if you don’t see something listed there, just ask!


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 Danielle and the Persistants Team 

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