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Content Editorial & Social Media Marketing Calendars help us every day in our Content Planning meetings.

Everyone talks about Content Calendars. Editorial Calendars, Marketing Calendars and this can be very confusing and overwhelming for New entrepreneurs, once upon a time,  myself included.

Here is all you need to know about Content Calendars plus a BONUS for you, here’s Mine, Free for you to download and use to get your business organized and Get You Some traffic! 

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What is A Content Calendar exactly?

Well, a content calendar is a Vital tool that communicates and records, and Tracks all of your content marketing activity. 

A content calendar is a shareable Vital Tool that communicates and records and tracks all of your Content Marketing activity. 


Here is a Picture of the Editorial Calendar I created to help you with all the Content, Planning and scheduling to keep you focused and in the know of what is going where and when.  You can download yours here.


It is often used by marketing teams to plan out and communicate to each team member, all content marketing activity.

The benefit of using the calendar format, rather than just a long list of content to be published, is that you can Visually See how your content is marketed throughout the year. often mistaken as an editorial calendar.

Here are the enabled benefits of using a content calendar, sometimes known as an editorial calendar:

  • Identify any gaps in your content  marketing plan, with plenty of warning to line up more content;
  • Schedule it out, like a scheduling tool
  • Planning your content around key events in your industry or important dates;
  • Make sure you have your content ready in plenty of time to publish.
  • Displayed for all team members to collaborate and communicate with. 

Generally Speaking, the further ahead you plan your digital content publishing the better placed you are to produce a consistent flow of content that builds your brand’s perceived expertise in your business. 

At Persistants, we recommend, looking at the year ahead, to incorporate any upcoming holidays, or niche specific or world events that you want to plan your businesses’ content around. 

Start with 30 -60-90 days and build your content calendar out from there.  Don’t forget to download your FREE  Content Calendar here to get you started. Good Luck! 

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