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What is A Virtual Assistant

 What is a Virtual Assistant?

Some say a Virtual Assistant (Vur-choo-uh-l) is the partner in your business who takes care of the tasks that make your head spin. 🙂


Persistants What is a Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant (Vur-choo-uh-l) the partner in your business who takes care of the tasks that make your head spin. 🙂



The Title of “Virtual Assistant” gives some people the wrong Idea.

At Persisants, Executive Assistants, we do more than just deliver coffee to your office +Virtually.  We are your Online Business Partner that assistants you with the back end office administration in our business. So that You can continue to focus on your business without the worry of behind the scenes in your business. Win-Win!

We can provide leverage in your business foundation

Virtual Assistantsare just like you Business owners. However our specialty is usually more -value added as we have experienced first hand what it is like to start your business from the ground up with the online arm, business processes and struggles under our desk not just shoes!  

Check this article out to see just  what a Virtual Assistant can do for you in Your Business today.

 Hope that Helps you understand what is A Virtual Assistant and provided you with a broader sense of what Virtual assistant services and tasks we can do you for you in your business. 

When You work with Persistants, you can see stress relieving results, and you get your time back so that you can focus on your business. 

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