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Password Day

Password Day 

Business Tips

Changing our passwords is something we most often neglect to do. Last night as I was checking my emails I noticed a few notifications on my website of a few Failed login attempts. Good thing we have a system in place to change our passwords every so often. 

Passwords are a part of our daily lives. Today Passwords affect us both personally and professionally. Luckily I have my favorite tool is LastPass, not an affiliate yet, however, I love this tool. It makes my life of remembering passwords much easier 

Did you know what Habits you have that make Password Hackers extremely happy?

Here are some bad habits we as business owners have that make Password Hackers have happy nights, usually when we are sleeping:

  1. 59% mostly or always use the same password

  2. 53% have not changed passwords in the last year

  3. 64% want to easily remember their passwords

If you would like to read more about the Psychology of Passwords and these interesting stats, you can read the rest of the article here

From this, we’ve learned that consumers are using the same easy-to-remember password for multiple accounts (despite the increase in cybersecurity threats and breaches).




Don’t let yourself be one of these stats – participate in World Password Day! Refresh your passwords today and secure your digital life.


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