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Need Some Lead Magnet or Optin Ideas for your Creative Business?

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to remember your Opt-in Idea or latest Lead Generator for your website… then to Locate the tools you need to create them…

So here is our little list to help you out with that. Or you can check out Our Lead Magnet.

Here are just a few Lead Magnet or Opt-In options you can offer to your audience:

  1. Worksheets or Workbooks
  2. Checklists 
  3. Ebooks
  4. Cheatsheets
  5. Roadmaps
  6. Blueprints 
  7. Email Course
  8. Resources List or Toolkit 
  9. Report 
  10. Webinar Presentation 
  11. Audio Recording -check out our Podcast Cover templates
  12. Video Recording using our Perfect Persistants Premade YouTube Covers for thumbnails 
  13. Templates 
  14. Swipe Files like an editorial calendar here.
  15. Prompts 
  16. Printables – because everyone loves something to Print.

Not a Graphic Designer?  Don’t worry that is where we can help save you time and frustration.

We use a wonderful FREE tool called  *Canva to help you get started. *My referral link

We have created some Canva templates you can browse through them in our Peristants Shop

If you have some extra cash consider purchasing your opt-in templates from us there. 

Persistants Templates Shop for Creative Business Owners

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