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What is an Editorial Calendar and why Your Business Needs one now?

What is an Editorial Calendar and why Your Business Needs one now?

As Business owners we keep hearing this same term, Editorial Calendar is your Content and What you want to out there…..  Then  there is a Social Media Calendar  where as a  Social Media marketing planner is When and Where

You are going to advertise and yes it is also called Content calendar, sounds important right?

Yes your Social Media Market is important to any  planner is the most important piece in any business.

Want Ours?

Yes even more important than a Business plan. Why?

Because without it you will not know when or where to spend your marketing teams time or budget. I believe it is the single most  overlooked part of business accruals and usually the first budget cut when a company sees trouble and starts making financial budget cuts, oh and it’s usually the most expensive department with the highest spend.

In order for any business to succeed, you must market it!

 Back to your Content Editorial Calendar. Do you have one yet? 

If not, You can grab mine here for free. Just click the button and enter your best email address and I promise I will send that out to you asap!

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I have no problem with other people borrowing it and wanted to offer it as to get you started with your social media marketing plan as soon as possible.

 Why waste any more time reinventing the wheel when you should be focused on managing your business not creating templates, plans etc… that is what we do best here at Persistants Executive Assistants.

The Goal of a Content Calendar

A content calendar is a shareable resource that marketing teams can use to plan all content marketing activity. 

The benefit of using the calendar format, rather than just a long list of content to be published, is that you can visualize how your content is distributed throughout the year. This allows you to:

  • plan content around key events in your industry or important dates;
  • see where you have gaps in your content plan, with plenty of warning to line up more content
  • and make sure you have your content ready in plenty of time to publish.

Get Your FREE Social Media Marketing Content Planner


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Plan out all your Social Media in one place so you’re never left wondering what to post next.

Let’s Take Care of Your Social Media Marketing!

Persistants Executive Assistants +Virtually provides online support services for businesses and entrepreneurs.  We have the skills needed to help you get your tasks done so you can spend time concentrating on the work that generates your business income.

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