What Are the Best WordPress Plugins?

Plugins are snippets of code that can be added to your WordPress blog to give it more functionality and features. Some of these plugins will be things you can see, like specific sidebar plugins, while some will be more behind the scenes like Google Analytics that allows you to easily add your tracking script to your blog without touching the code. It’s not something your readers will notice, but it’s super helpful!

Which Plugins Do You Recommend?

There are so many plugins out there! Some are free and some are premium like themes. Premium plugins typically offer more support and are better maintained, but there are still so many amazing free plugins worth installing. A few of our favorites that you can download straight from the backend of your WordPress account are below:

Google Analytics: This allows you to drop in your Google Analytics tracking code without having to touch the code! Some themes might have a spot for this already, so make sure you don’t add it twice or else you’ll get incorrect reporting data.

jQuery Pin It Button for Images by Marcin Skrzypiec: You can easily add a Pin It button over your images with this simple plugin!

WordPress Popular Posts by Hector Cabrera: This plugin allows you to add popular posts to your sidebar. It’s a feature both Jess and I love. The settings are pretty customizable, so have fun!

Yoast SEO: WordPress is great for SEO on it’s own, but Yoast helps you make sure that each post is set up for SEO by giving you simple fields to fill out. This one is an absolute MUST for everyone! update: we have switched to RANK Math recently.

Broken Link Checker by By WPMU DEV: Broken Link Checker monitors and tests all internal links & external links on your site looking for broken links. It helps you fix bad links to improve SEO and user experience.

Simple Custom CSS by John Regan, Danny Van Kooten: This plugin allows you to add custom CSS without touching your blog’s hard code, which means if you mess something up, you can just delete your code without worrying about breaking your theme!

Pre-Publish Checklist by Brainstorm force: Do you get worried about tasks like adding a featured image, updating the permalink, etc. just when you are about to click the publish button? This plugin lets you create a checklist you wish to maintain for every post type on your website. How’s that for Helpful!?

Do you feel we missed a few, if so let us know your favorite?

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